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Textile Machinery

Whether it’s in spinning mill preparation, thread production, fabric manufacturing, finishing, or assembly, Namishwar offers an extensive product range featuring precise, ready-to-install, and easy-to-maintain bearings suitable for various types of machines along the textile process chain. Let’s explore some of the key offerings that can revolutionize the textile industry.

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Although modern textiles, threads, and fabrics grace the shelves of retail stores, boutiques, department stores, and mail-order catalogs, the intricacies of the technical feats accomplished daily in textile machinery often go unnoticed. Here are some applications where Namishwar’s components excel:

  • Gripper Drive in Weaving Machines

  • Eccentric Unit for Embroidery Heads

  • Linear Guidance Systems in Large Embroidery Machines


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Textile machines, be it for spinning, weaving, finishing, or further processing, operate with high levels of automation and non-stop productivity. To maintain optimal performance, the right bearing components play a critical role:


world class bearings service solutions

From overall machine design to contact pressure on individual rolling elements, our calculation program ensures optimal bearing design and aids in system design. We will identify weaknesses and guide you through the optimization process.

  • Consultation based on Application
  • Calculating and planning
  • Congregational service/instruction / seminars
  • Condition-based servicing

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