OEM Manufacturing

Our bearings are integral to various OEM applications, including automotive systems, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, and aerospace components. OEMs require bearings that can meet stringent quality standards and withstand rigorous operating conditions. At Namishwar Enterprises, we ensure that our bearings offer superior performance, supporting the advanced engineering and high-quality production that OEMs strive for. By providing bearings that meet and exceed industry standards, we enable OEMs to maintain their competitive edge and ensure customer satisfaction.



OEMs are at the forefront of innovation, producing complex machinery and components that demand precision, durability, and reliability.

  • Automotive Industries
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Aerospace Equipment



Namishwar Enterprises offers a wide range of precision bearings designed to meet the specific needs of OEMs. Our product offerings include:


world class bearings service solutions

From overall machine design to contact pressure on individual rolling elements, our calculation program ensures optimal bearing design and aids in system design. We will identify weaknesses and guide you through the optimization process.

  • Consultation based on Application
  • Calculating and planning
  • Congregational service/instruction / seminars
  • Condition-based servicing

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