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Motorcycles and Special Vehicles

Namishwar offers maximum advantages to motorcycle manufacturers and customers with its product line: This may involve, for instance, extending the service life of the motorcycle through the use of highly developed components and assemblies that reduce fuel consumption and boost cost-effectiveness through the use of innovative engine elements and weight-optimized components. We provide our consumers with products that reduce CO2 emissions, thereby contributing to environmental protection. The expertise of Namishwar’s professionals ensures superior quality and precise calibration for every application.

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motorcycles and special vehicle bearings-cad

One of our key focus areas is optimizing transmission components, which leads to reduced weight and enhanced stability. By working closely with our clients’ designers, we have developed various specific solutions to meet their unique requirements.

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Chassis
  • Special applications


motorcycles and special vehicle bearings-calculation

Our BEARINX software, developed by Schaeffler, enables precise modeling and calculation of sophisticated shaft systems and entire transmissions. Cutting-edge techniques such as dynamic simulation and finite element (FE) analysis are employed during the design and modeling phase. Through “rapid prototyping,” we can provide clients with custom-fitted models for testing assembly situations. Our Technical Calculation team evaluates the functionality and operability of individual components and entire systems. We construct suitable models and utilize appropriate software applications to answer complex queries related to performance and efficiency.


motorcycles and special vehicle bearings-testing

Technical testing is conducted once products have been optimized through calculation and simulation. Includes analyzing wear behavior, evaluating emissions, and assessing the noise spectrum. Our testing capabilities cover a range of testing conditions, from standalone assessment to evaluating performance within the surrounding structure or the entire vehicle, as desired. Products receive the green signal for mass production only after passing a series of rigorous, practice-oriented tests.

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