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Fluid Motor Bearings

Pumps play a crucial role in facilitating the movement of fluids, transferring them from a state of lower pressure to higher pressure or a slower flow speed range to a higher flow speed range.

Pumps have two fundamental principles: the positive displacement principle and the centrifugal principle. Centrifugal pumps operate by directing the fluid into the pump from an axial direction and utilizing a rapidly rotating blade wheel to set the fluid in motion. On the other hand, piston pumps employ a moving piston to compress the fluid in the cylinder.

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fluid motor bearings

Pumps are used for various media transmission, including:

Water, Concrete, Sewage, Oil, Condensate, Fuel, Coolant, Acid/Base, and Food Products.

These pumps find applications in various industries such as the food industry, construction industry, watering, irrigation, drainage, chemical industry, extinguishing systems, heating technology, cleansing, hydraulics, petrochemistry, swimming pools, ship technology, water supply, mining, and power plant technology. Each industry relies on pumps for specific purposes, such as heating, transportation, and fluid management.


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From overall machine design to contact pressure on individual rolling elements, our calculation program ensures optimal bearing design and aids in system design. We will identify weaknesses and guide you through the optimization process.

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